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Weekly Challenge - Week 1

Week #1 – Get moving!

This week we are going to get outside or inside a big building, and start moving. This is going to take 15-20 per day. For some that is going to be difficult. I get it. You’re busy. Take the time! It is worth it.

Walking is great for you because it is a full-body exercise. Granted it is not like a burpee that is one of the highest calorie-burning exercises at 12-13 per minute, but walking does utilize your entire body. The major part of your workout is your legs of course, but your core gets a workout too. Walking has benefits for improving your mood and mental health as well as burning extra calories. Happiness times two! It improves digestion, reduces the risk of chronic disease, increases bone strength, increases cardiovascular health and increases your lung capacity. It even slows down the aging process along with many more benefits. If you choose level 2 or level 3, you will get more work on those legs and of course the buttock! Who doesn’t want stronger and better-looking legs? Ready to pick your challenge level?

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