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Who doesn’t want great looking legs? Of course, every woman said yes, but some guys are still wondering if it is worth it. It is worth it guys! Today we are coming back to the lunge, and we are going to change up the style of lunge during the week. 

There is a static lunge (split squat), a step out lunge (front lunge), a rear lunge, a side lunge and a walking lunge. This week we will perform both the front lunge and the rear lunge. If you can perform the lunges outside, get outside to the fresh air, but you can do these anywhere. These are a great leg burner and calorie burner. Depending on your weight and how intense you workout, lunges burn from 4-9 calories per minute. They engage the quadriceps (the muscles in the front of the leg), the hamstrings (the muscles in the back of the leg) and the glutes. With this type of challenge, you will gain strength, endurance, and sculpt your legs, while you are working on core balance. I love the lunge over the squat because you have a very low likelihood of straining your back during lunges. Although I love the squat! The good thing about both the squat and the lunge is that you will perform them the rest of your life at work, at home, or at fun. 

Whether you are performing a rear lunge or a front lunge, I want you to step out about 3 feet with one leg. Keep your feet in line with your hips, and keep your hips directed forward. To perform the front lunge, step forward, and once your front foot is solid on the ground, drop your back knee towards the ground without letting your body travel forward. Think of moving up and down like an elevator. At the bottom position, both knees should be near a 90-degree angle. Keep your front knee tracking in the same direction as your front foot, which should be straight forward. As you come up from dropping your knee, keep your core tight, and your body erect with good posture, and push off the front leg so your momentum carries you back to your starting position. For the rear lunge, step back about 3 feet and drop your knee towards the ground. Everything is the same except when you come back to a standing position I want you to drive your hips forward using your front leg. The rear lunge gets a lot more glute engagement this way. 

Ready? You are all set. Pick a level and count your total lunges. (100 lunges would be 50 right and 50 left). Go!

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