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Core, as I have written previously, is essential in life. It is the connection of your bottom half with your top half. It has many stabilizing effects on the way we move, sit and stand. I have trained people who are fit or are athletes, who had difficulty with what we will be working on this week. Why did they find it difficult? Because they didn’t work this all-important muscle set. 

You have muscles on the side of your waist that extend up into your rib cage. It is where you would grab your “love handles.” I wish I could tell you that the exercises this week will get rid of your love handles, but they won’t. What they will do is strengthen the muscles underneath those love handles. If you love handles have to do with flabby muscles than extra pounds on your waist, then this week is going to be great for you! The external and internal obliques are fundamental core muscles that are responsible for twisting, bending to the side, pulling the chest towards the abs, and as stabilizers. They work in concert with other core muscles, so you are going to need to concentrate on using the obliques as you meet your challenge this week. What that means is that while you are performing these exercises, don’t just try to complete them. Think about the obliques on every rep, using them to perform the exercises below.

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