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This week brings us to an eating challenge. I know it may be tough to do take on this challenge during this time, but we are going to go for it anyway. In reality, the stores that I have been in have veggies. That is your challenge for this week. Eat more vegetables!

Vegetables should be the foundation of your eating. They are the base of what you build your eating plan on. I know that many think of protein first, but I would challenge you to begin to think of vegetables first. Try it! Plan a dinner right now with the first thing on your list is a veggie. Now try a breakfast! Is that more difficult? That is because we don’t think veggie first. That is your challenge this week. 

Vegetables are packed, and I mean packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that other foods cannot compare to. Honestly, I could write an entire chapter of a book on the greatness of veggies. If you are eating to give your body the nutrients that it needs, then veggies are your best friend. I know there are entire cultures that don’t eat them at all or very little, that is not you. You don’t live where nothing grows and last I check, whale blubber wasn’t on your plate either. So go veggie this week.

Organic is best. Non GMO is a must. Corn is not a veggie. So how do you pick? Try to eat what is in season. Try to buy organic. If not organic, then look for thicker skin that pesticides and herbicides don’t get into the meat of the vegetable as much. Broccoli is king for me because of the anti-cancer properties. Educate yourself about the different nutrient value of vegetables. Find creative ways to prepare them. Use seasoning. Be creative. Most of all, enjoy this wonderful food group. 

Extra Credit!

With the Coronavirus shutdowns, many of us are at home with more spare time on our hands that usual. So here is another core challenge for you for week 10. Sit ups. Make sure you are keeping your lower back pressed against the ground and never arching. Use your arms for momentum if you need to. When you are done with your daily challenge, perform 4 superman holds for :30-:45 each. Also, perform a cobra stretch at the very least to stretch out the abs. 

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