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I know how to get results

I know how to encourage

I know how to have fun

I am passionate about health and fitness

I am certified with NASM & ACE

I am 58 and extremely fit

I love helping people

I love seeing people attain their goals

I love making you sweat with a grin



At Total Fit Gym you'll always have a trainer who can modify any exercise, and that will make sure you are doing every exercise properly.  This not only drastically reduces the risk of injury, but also facilitates better results.  Every week the workouts are planned out to train every muscle fiber in multiple ways. We have trainers to instruct, encourage, aid you when you need it and help you to take on the COD (challenge of the day), with confidence. 

One of the major differences between Total Fit gym and the other big box gyms out there is the presence and instruction of a trainer.  The second is the workouts are specifically programmed to bring total fitness to your body. If you have ever belonged to a big gym, you have probably walked in a room full of machines and wondered what each of them do.  Sure, they usually have pictures on them with some instructions, but you were probably wishing you had someone to train you and tell you how and how often to use them.  We are your trainers. 


The spread of COVID-19 has mandated us to close our physical gym... However, we have decided to hold online sessions through the Zoom app at 5:30, Monday-Friday.

We will also be posting our workouts daily on out Instagram and Facebook (both feeds featured at the bottom of the page 

Click the link below to join our zoom session!


All prices are for unlimited training on auto-renew

Monthly membership - $55

Monthly student membership - $40

Family discount membership - 20%

Click here to go to our online store where you can pay for your membership.

Click here to give the gift of health and fitness with a TFG gift. 1 month of unlimited training for only $50! 



New members only:

Buy 2 months, get the 3rd free!


If you and a friend sign up together, you both get 20% off your membership as long as you maintain your membership together!


Pay for 6 months or more and get a 20% discount off the regular membership fee



651 Sunflower Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92707

949-415-UFIT (8348)