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  • I am results-oriented and have the knowledge to get the results you want

  • I am certified with NASM & ACE

  • I have 10 years of coaching experience

  • I have a "total" rounded approach to fitness

  • I am 62 and super fit by practicing what I preach

  • I am proud of all of my 8 children and all 18 grandchildren

  • I love almost any outdoor activity, especially surfing and biking


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Total fitness comes from a programming approach that includes every type of training. Everyone advertises "functional" training. I program with functional movements in mind, but I go further than that. I train your body through various actions within the ever-changing training program. I incorporate dozens of exercises using whatever equipment you have available to achieve successful goal realization.

I believe in the philosophy of muscle confusion and body adaptation.  We use a training model that will not only keep you from getting bored with the same ol' routine, but it will also force your body to adapt and grow in strength, size (if that is the result you want), endurance, balance, quickness, agility, and cardiovascular health at a faster rate. That is why we change your routine every month.


I believe that one size does not fit all. Our programs are written with many different important criteria in mind. Some of the criteria I consider are:


  • Your current overall health, including any joint issues or medical limitations.

  • Your current level of fitness.

  • Past fitness levels, experience, and knowledge.

  • Age, sex, height, and weight.

  • What you like and what you hate.

  • Equipment accessibility.

  • The time and effort you are willing or able to commit.

  • Your very personal goals and much more.

Fees & Deals

If you are interested in signing up for any of our programs and products, click the link below, email us for more information, or call.

Total Fit Gym 949-415-UFIT (8348)

Check out our fitness videos, form videos, and more by clicking below.


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