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TFG Challenge #1

50 Push ups Reg/18" box

100 Sus. Rows at 0/1'

50 Push press - 65/35

Run 1/2 mile

50 Box jumps 24"/16"

02:00 plank

50 Hanging knee tucks

40 minute time limit

TFG Challenge #2

50 Thrusters 95/60

100 Decline push ups (girls 50 reg)

240' Sled push 140lbs/ 90lbs

100 Pull ups (girls purple band)

50 Feet to bar

50 Hanging cleans 95lb/65lb

200' Weight Carry - 180lb/ 100lb

60 minute time limit


Why Challenge Yourself?


It is all too easy to go to the gym without some good "fitness" goals.I encourage people to have some level of fitness goals to go towards.You can be skinny and be out of shape, or you can have a big chest but have terrible cardio. Overall fitness will serve you throughout your life. I created these challenges as targets for you to hit. These challenges will test your strength, endurance and cardio. They are fitness tests. Do you think you can perform them? Do you need some work first? Set your mind on #1 or #2 and go for it. See if you can complete it within the time frame given.

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