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We are throwing in a curveball this week. It has to do with fitness but has everything to do with health and wellness. This week’s challenge is to sleep. The average American gets 6.8 hours of sleep. That is not enough. I know, I know, you are the special one who only needs 4 hours a night, and you are good to go. Most researches will flatly tell you that you are taking days, months, and years off your life by doing it. Some researchers say when you only sleep 6 hours per night for 6 nights, you operate like you are legally drunk. The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Your brain sorts and catalogs the day. Your body rejuvenates. You lose more weight in your sleep that you do when you stay up studying or watching media. Sleep also reduces stress and thereby reduces sickness, and it improves immune function. It reduces inflammation, improves your memory, makes you more alert, and gives you a better quality and quantity of life.

Sleeping wells is just as important as sleeping long. This can be tricky for some, but there are a few things I will mention that you can easily do that will help you get a good night's sleep. Take magnesium before bed. Have a cup of bedtime, sleepytime, or even stressless tea before bed. Keep your bedroom and bed cool Power down devices an hour before bedtime

Get a bedtime routine that includes detoxing your brain of the stress of the day and dumping your thoughts of tomorrow on paper. There are many more benefits and hacks to sleep. The obvious first step is to determine that sleep is important and to schedule it. So choose a level and determine to get that much sleep every night. Ni-nite!

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