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This week we attack the legs using a move that is sure to not only challenge your strength and endurance but your balance. The rear lunge is more difficult because we don’t normally step backward. I love this move because it helps our balance, and we work to improve our stabilization for all of life. This move uses the muscles in the front of the leg (quadriceps) and the buttocks (glutes) as the primary movers. However, the beauty of the rear lunge is both on the concentric (standing up from the lunge position) and eccentric (going back to the lunge position) contraction, the hamstrings get involved a little more than a front lunge. This move also targets your adductors and your calves. You burn anywhere from 4-10 calories a minute, depending on how much you weigh and if you are using extra weight for the exercise.

To perform the movement correctly, step back about 3 feet (for an average person), and drop your rear knee to the floor while keeping your body moving straight down without leaning back or forward. Use the forward leg as the prime mover as you stand up tall without leaning forward. Think about engaging the glutes and the hamstrings (back of the legs) as you move your hips forward to an erect standing position. Check out the instructional video here

Happy lunging!

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