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Week 4 Challenge!

Remember I told you about the 3 quintessential exercises? This week we will do another one, push-ups. Push-ups are great because they can be done anywhere. The exercise works your chest muscles (pectoralis), your shoulders, your triceps, a muscle underneath your armpit called the Serratus Anterior, your core musculature because you are planking and even one of your bicep heads! This exercise burns about 7 calories a minute. Although many people have to start with a wall push up and graduate to a bench push up before they can do a correct push-up. I do want to mention a few form mistakes that people make. This will also be in the form video. 

#1 Keep your body straight and your head in neutral alignment.

#2 Don’t let your body sag between your shoulders. 

#3 Perform a full rep. Go down to within 2-3 inches of the floor with your chest and abs and all the way up so your arms are fully extended

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