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Thanksgiving Feast?

With Thanksgiving dinner adding about 3200-4500 calories to your daily intake, which is enough to gain over a pound of fat in one day, I thought I would continue to try to ruin your holiday with a few more very round and general statistics. Did I say ruin? I meant inform. This is the average of average.

Calories – 3200-4500

Carbohydrates – 320-450 grams

Calories per pound of fat in your body – 3500 (They usually use that to determine how many calories you have to burn to lose a pound)

Calories you have to reduce to make up for the Thanksgiving meal – Restrict you normal diet by 400 calories for 8-12 days.

Amount of moderate extra exercise hours to burn off Thanksgivings meal – 30 minutes extra per day for 15 days.

If you restrict your caloric intake by 200 calories (remember that we are talking about eating a healthy diet), and workout for an extra 30 minutes, you can shed Thanksgiving in about a week.

Seriously, I am not trying to ruin anything. I eat more than usual on Thanksgiving too. I just know that I will work it off. I’ll restrict my caloric and carb intake for a few days and workout hard for 4 days. I know some of the food is not healthy at all. It is Thanksgiving! I know some very strict healthy people, and believe or not, I am not one of them. I want to enjoy life and that is what I want for my friends, family and clients. However, that doesn’t mean that I am going to have a big breakfast, stuff myself to the point of pain, then finish the day with a turkey sandwich with all the fixins’ and some pie. That’s 6000 calories! Forget the calories, that will change your body and illicit responses that you don’t want besides unwanted pounds. Here is my solution. Enjoy smaller helpings. Eat it all, just eat it smaller. Did I say all? Maybe not all of the desert table, your real foe for weight, hormone imbalance and inflammation, but enjoy some pie or whatever. Just make it small. If you are morbidly obese or diabetic or have other conditions, please disregard what I just said. Seriously!

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